About James Melendez – James the Travel Guy

About me:

James Melendez

Travel is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.  Travel teaches us more about who we are than what we might impart to others on our travel.  Travel gives to a sense of belief in ourselves; or at least that desire in safety on our journey.  Travel enlivens our spirit and gives our characters a sense that the world is both big and small.  That we are both not so different one another and yet in other ways we are different.  But the difference is not un-bridgeable but it is of different perspectives.

My travel has come from me promoting myself to travel.  Not that most of my trips have landed in my lap; rarely has that ever happened.  I will never forget in younger times I dreamed of traveling through Europe; weeks on end; spending time in hostels, meeting other people.  But that never happened.  I did make for myself a desire to travel to Europe, although more intensely.  Living in the U.S. with such limited holiday time forces you to travel to see as much as you can in short periods of time.  After all going to Europe do you really want to see just one or two cities?  I look at my travel wish list I see that have to work in a lot of travel in short time spans.  Rarely do I go on holiday to just relax, sit in a café, watch the foot traffic move along; meeting people from there or distant lands.  I am always being challenged to go and just spend all of my time in one place.  It is of course tiring to go through four countries in 10 ten days.  I have done this before but bittersweetly would choose more time to savor each locale I have found myself in.

I have seen many of Europe’s largest cities and capitals.  I have looked at my travels in how strange it might look at someone a hundred years previous or even my family members who have not traveled nearly as much as I have.  I look at my travels and how interestingly I have spent a year of my life in no particular place.  I have spent several weeks in the air.  I have enjoyed Chinese cuisine in Paris,  Paella in Curaçao, seafood in Zurich, Pizza in London.  I have been in many dozen airports, train stations, obscure and infamous museums.  Traversed footsteps of many historical figures.

Please read on…..I have a to say about travel.

¡Buen viaje!


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